Same Place – Different Seasons!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Today, I dug into the archives and found these amazing photos. These are photos of the same location shot at different seasons. It’s incredible to see the beauty in the different seasons. Amazing how things still appear even with the changes in the weather.

You can liken this to humans and life challenges. We face different seasons during our life time. Sometimes we experience moments of dryness and other times we bloom and flourish.

What a great find?

977243_10201043036095162_584550032_o (2).jpg

1426136_10202286920671499_356718643_n (2).jpg

12640518_10208160042775881_14073573720057884_o (2).jpg


How we react to these changes matter a lot. Challenges come to text our survival instincts. Seasons come and go. No condition is permanent.

Therefore, we should learn not to waver but to keep moving on despite what life throws at us now, because that too will pass away.

Peace and Love!

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