I Love it and I Feel Blessed…

There is an exciting beauty of nature that is overwhelming. It feels good knowing that we are blessed at springtime as well as other times. It is so true and very obvious that I can no longer hide my admiration for Nature, the seasons, plants and trees. 

Hmmn, I am so loving this nature photography. I realised that I don’t have to be a professional photographer or have a professional camera to capture life’s beauty parades.

Hear it from me, life can be interesting when you let the simple things of nature attract you, and take away your thoughts from the negativities of life.

Nature is exotic and sweet and I feel blessed to see the changes it serves us.

Here’s what you find along the path when springtime is the wave of the season. So join me, let’s enjoy the beautiful bloom of the times. 









Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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