Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #12

Echoes of My Neighbourhood, is a fun challenge by Jacqueline. Every Thursday Jackie invites us to share photos of our neighbourhood and link them to her blog. Will you let us take a peek at your wonderful space in the world? 

Denmark is a country known for her love for cycling. It is a common sight to see people, old and young cycling to work, school and other destinations. Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is world famous for its biking culture.

Officially, the city is the first Bike City in the World.

Copenhagen has been voted as the ‘World’s most liveable city and the ‘Best City’ for cycling. The Danes are well known for their love of cycling and cities all around the world are now looking at ways to copy this phenomenon.

20160318_120058 (3) - Kopi.jpg

20160318_120159 (2).jpg

20160318_130948 (2).jpg

20160318_115818 (2).jpg

20160318_131300 (2).jpg

IMG_0179 (2).JPG

A first time visitor in Demark will be overwhelmed at the amount of bicycles on the streets of Copenhagen or any other city in Denmark. This lifestyle is adopted by almost every Dane. And the foreigners are not left out as they fall in love with biking to share in the fun derived from cycling.

Riding a bicycle is a very important means of transportation during the summer when biking is regarded as a good form of exercise.

That was a glimpse of the world I live in. It’s a world where riding bikes is a lifestyle.

Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #12

  1. I remember how alarmed I was at the number of bikes I saw the first time I stepped out of Schipol airport in Amsterdam. I was dazed. It’s really a European thing and I found it quite refreshing. Lovely pictures. Please add your link to my recent echoes so others can see it.

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