Chaos – The Daily Prompt!

My mind and thoughts are in total chaos

I shudder as I am lost pondering about the world

The peoples of the world

When will peace become the chaos of the day?

When I ask? 

In the midst of this hurly burly

I ask again

When will calm become the new order?

For this whirlwind is blowing no good


There is a vast movement of inflation

An outbreak of price increase on the prowl

Behold the price of tomatoes!

Yes, I mean tomatoes!

Garri, the masses confidant and ally

Has been raised beyond reach

What about Fuel and kerosene?

Nightmares they have become

Sending teary chills to the masses

An embarrassing price-hike 

Each one sending the poor to an early grave

My mind is confused

Confused for these harsh conditions

Imposed by the power drunk

To ‘My Naija People’

These myriad pack of hardship

Makes the world burst into broken pieces


The world is broken in many fractions

The cracked walls need to be fixed

Else it will collapse on us all

Who will fix the world?


You or me?

You and I?

The world is broken on many sides

Chaos and pandemonium everywhere

But I alone cannot fix it

Individually we can try

Collectively we can

Let’s wear our common senses and wisdom

And create a new order

Let’s fix our broken world together

For the sake of our children yet unborn


Daily Prompt Chaos.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


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