Pictures Speak…

Looking at this tree, I kinda think there is a conversation going on with the roots. They are all spread out, yet, connected and linked together. And it appears that they all rely on one another to thrive. The roots are designated to tackle specific duties, more like errands, while getting power from the main source – The Tree. 


It’s in nature that you find some bizarre, spooky and strange sights. In some cultures, trees like this are embedded in myths, revered and have special significance to the communities.  One’s imagination can run wild with these strange features found in nature especially with trees.

It’s indeed true that vegetations have the spookiest looking plants and trees.

Now, the thought of these creepy trees and sights is sending cold chills to my body. I should just drop this here… Lol.

Peace and Love!

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18 thoughts on “Pictures Speak…

      1. yep;;;;Might be some really kewl dreams…or ya might find me up an running away frum dat tree screaming in the middle of the night 🙂 who knows, kinna like sleeping in a dark cave on a dark night is pert strange! sumtimes…{can be} yep … namaste’ frum da’ Q 🙂

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