You Are NOT Alone…

How Do You Feel Today?

Has today been progressing well for you until after a moment? Has your radiant disposition given way to a gloomy and sad countenance?

Did you suddenly change and become angry with yourself?

Dear Friend,

Why the sudden change?

What seems to be the problem?

Why are you downcast?

Do you mind sharing them with me? Oh yes, your secrets are safe with me. You can trust me and that’s a promise you should take to the bank.

Well, it is so true that problems can be overwhelming. They make us pass through excruciating pains, not really physical pains but emotional and psychological pains. Sometimes we feel mentally drained too when situations hit us hard.

What am I ranting about?

Perhaps, you think you are the only one with such a big problem. Maybe, you believe you are alone in this kind of ‘suffering’. Or you think there will never be an end to these apparent difficulties and challenging moments. Hmmn!

Relax. Get a chair and sit down. You and I need a good talk. Let’s face facts.

You are only passing through a phase in life. It is an experience that many people have undergone.  There are times like this in everyone’s life. The darkest periods of our existence when it looks like the whole world has come to an end. You feel the urge to give up and surrender.  You feel like going into hiding to avoid people.  You feel things are just going to remain bad. You feel intimidated and wear a robe with the logo: low-self esteem!

Remember! Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

My Dear Friend, brighten up again and be happy for you’re a very special person to God Almighty. Your God is still alive and watching over you. He will rescue you from all the ‘enemies’ fighting to persecute you – The challenges that take away your smiles. The problems that ridicule your existence. The sickness that is stubborn to let go of you. The dream job that wouldn’t just happen. The promotion that is so delayed. Children that wouldn’t listen to good advice to stay on track. The abuse that is tormenting you. The marriage that is going through turbulent times. The huge debt staring you in the face…

Who in the world is having it so good and perfect?

Who? Please tell me!

I believe there is a ‘clause’ in everyone’s live. So you see, you are not alone. Everyone has a fair share of problems too. They come in different packages and disguises.

And the good news is that you will overcome them all in due course. It may take some time but surely, there is a way out of that confinement.

That you have prayed for a particular thing and not getting answers does not mean that your prayers do not get to HIM.  He knows your need before you even mention them to him. Just know that delay is not denial.

Do not give up the hope of trying again if you have failed before. Continue to give in your best by being hardworking, determined, using all available options with prayers.

Keep hope alive by thinking positively of yourself.  With your unwavering efforts and steadfastness, you will achieve your set goals and even get far greater things than you had set out for.

Be still, be calm even in the face of storms and quietly, work towards the mark that you seek.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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