Learning #2 – WP Discover Challenge!

20140329_195656 (2)
*My new food – Potatoes in brown gravy with flæskesteg (Danish Roast Pork)*

12764507_10153974207114429_4226676234072780945_o (2)


*Roasted mini potatoes with salad*
20141224_201817 (2)
*Traditional Danish Christmas Food*
SL370111 (2)
*Potatoes is the new Yam for me and I love it*
*I learnt to eat ice-cream as a dessert after food*
1498_10153148079756371_7806838664278302424_n-2 (1)
*Or to eat fruits after a meal*

Thus, Learning is a continuous process. Learning is progressive.

My life in Denmark exposed me to a different life totally. I accepted my new reality and plunged myself into a new culture. There was food, food, and food everywhere but different from what I was used to.

Needless, to say that I had no choice but to jump into their menu charts to dig out foods that were quite strange to my taste bud. Within a short time, I adapted and adjusted my mind-set to embracing all the new studies staring me in the face.

Potatoes became a regular feature in my meals. Potatoe is a traditional Danish food prepared and eaten in varied ways. Hitherto, I was used to eating Yams… but in Denmark, Potatoes became the new ‘Yam’ for me and I accepted what I could not change.

That was how I cultivated a new habit and got new delicacies into my meal plans.

PS: Hey, Don’t drool over these foods, plan a trip to Denmark and I’d treat you to sumptuous Danish cuisines. Haha!

Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “Learning #2 – WP Discover Challenge!

  1. Lovely photos of those delicious looking meals. I’ve never tasted yams, so that would be an eye opener for me. Are they similar to potatoes in taste or very different? We had some wonderful meals when we were in Denmark. The country is well known for its bacon, ham and pork. As you say, there is such a variety of foods to choose from and many are geared towards healthy eating. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Millie, Did you live in DK at some point? Yam and potatoes are different. While yam is in tubers, bigger, white, and harder, potatoe is not. I think I’ll do a post on Yam to show the difference… an idea just popped up, lol.


      1. A post about yams would be a good idea. I’ll look out for it. As for Denmark, no, we didn’t live there. We spent a month in Aahus a few years ago, so I could do research for my books. We only travelled around Jutland though, so I’d still like to visit Copenhagen sometime.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow! That is interesting to know. I was at Aarhus University… Will do a post on yam and hopefully, you will see it then. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂


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