Learning – WP Discover Challenge!

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” – Albert Einstein

There is always a reminder that we just don’t know it all. It is rewarding to be humble enough to accept this fact about human nature. Though we might be equipped with a great skill and talent, we are equally deficient, flawed and inadequate in some other areas. We never know it all.

It’s a cosmopolitan world. Therefore, as you traverse the world, as the sun rises every morning, as you seek out ways to have a better life, be observant to learn a new thing from your environment. Learn something new from the people you interact with. Learn a new thing by people watching. Have a penchant to discover hidden truths if possible.

Study with the consciousness that there could be another truth out of your current institutions. Be aware that life must not be entirely ruled by a school’s curriculum that was established by people with many limitations, who only knew as much as their understanding permitted.

Stepping out of my comfort zone into a new culture in Europe meant that I was willing and ready to accept new norms. I was conscious of the new possibilities I would have to embrace. The reality of learning a new life all together. Armed with this truth, I walked into a new phase that involved a drastic change in my status quo.

It was like becoming a new baby again. It was a strange land so to speak and I had to brace myself up to be schooled again. Yes, in almost everything except on how to breathe and walk. Perhaps, on some other mundane daily routine habits. Suddenly, I found myself among a people with a different school of thought. Almost everything was anew.

I began to learn a new language. I became curious to learn how to eat as well as prepare new cuisines. It wasn’t an easy sail. Learning may appear cumbersome at the onset, but with sheer determination, you will eventually relax when you get over with the fundamentals.

Be willing and open minded to learn from anyone and everyone you meet in your life’s journey. For while one can graduate from a school, there is no graduation from learning.

Even from the milky mouths of babies are lessons to be learned by even the highly sophisticated.  Be open minded and keep learning. Remember the words of Albert Einstein!

Submitted for the Discover Challenge – Learning.

Peace and Love!

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