Numbers – Weekly Photo Challenge!


268068_10150258799944231_8028729_n (2).jpg
*Photo Credit – Giggles & Tales*

*The World-Time Clock (Weltzeituhr) at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany*

300467_10150263789233780_7686522_n (2)
*The Hublot Tower Clock in Manchester*

The Hublot Tower Clock is the biggest clock ever built by Hublot and is placed in front of the Old Trafford stadium. This clock was specially built for the powerful English champions, at a height of 10 meters. Clock is placed in front of the legendary stadium and was unveiled in the presence of honourable Sir Alex Ferguson and the famous Manchester United players.

The clock tower is located right in the centre of the car park in front of East Stand, overlooking popular congregation points for fans on match days.


Submitted for The Weekly Photo Challenge  – NUMBERS.


Peace and Love!

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