Thus, Change is Recurrent…

It comes in diverse ways and medium. Transition from one point to another, movement from one place to another, leaving place A to place B, deciding to move on or stay back are all a part of change. 

At that point when things become different, at that point when we change jobs, end relationships, start new relationships, have a new baby or become a parent, graduate from school and get a job or move on to a higher education, move house, begin to invest, decide to get married et al, we are welcoming change in our lives and whether we like it or not, this change will either make us happy or sad.

Either we get fulfilment and satisfaction with this change or we become disillusioned.

The truth is that no one can run or hide from change. As long as you’ve got breath in you, you cannot run away from this reality. Change is a daily occurrence. Handling these changes as they occur is most vital for our general well-being. When positive change comes, jump on the challenges and opportunities it presents.

It is pertinent to use the period and time of that new phase to enhance yourself. Develop your social skills. Make new friends and build your network (they come handy someday) for the future. Hone your skills and talents, grow your business and work on your ideas and initiatives.

Grow! Let the positive change affect you in the right way. Explore the new opportunities it presents to you and use the time to enrich yourself in whatever capacity the situation presents.

With change comes a new responsibility, a new life, a new system, a new regime, a new rule, a new phase, a new idea or vision as the case may be from person to person. Change can be transient or permanent.

There are responsibilities, adjustments, transformations and adaptations to make with any change.

I am learning daily how to become better at Blogging and the price to pay for it. I am learning new approaches, new skills and ways to make my blogging experience better each day.  I am learning how to schedule my time, my posts, when to write and when to engage in other personal activities outside of blogging. I am learning from other bloggers that I have met on this virtual platform.

There is always something different to pick up, to learn or to re-learn every day.

I don’t know about you?

PS: Check out an earlier post on this series  – Change!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Thus, Change is Recurrent…

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. You said it correctly. Change is constant and comes in various forms… if only people will embrace it and come out of norms and bonds… the world will be a better place.

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