Love And Nightmares…

Everything about her screamed beautifully

What is better than a kind heart?

A warm soul touching lives with her charm

A glittering charm that transcends physical beauty

She believed in a great life


Life was good until he walked in

And broke her into several pieces

He defaced her

He killed her confidence

He gave her a choice

“The world



She chose him with hope of a lasting love

A hope he dealt a fatal blow

A blow that hit her so fiercely

She staggered and she fell

A hard fall. A bitter pang

Yes, he broke her

He killed her dreams

He killed her joy

Cruel soul, bitter dark heart


He was the opposite of his fine aura

He was wicked in a strange way

He mocked her naivety

He mocked her feminine glory


Whenever she gets to that road

She remembers the day it all began

The day she found him

It was in the rains

He was drenched to his skin

She ushered him in to share her umbrella

Unknown, she ushered him into her life

They painted a perfect picture together

But such was the kind life was made of

Betrayals, hate, wickedness

A perfect narcissist

That was bathed in arrogance and pride


But he lost a kind soul

He lost a good woman

He was the end of a bad nightmare

She looked up and embraced her own story

She looked up to HOPE

A better world

Perhaps, a better LOVE


She must jump to find the essence of her LIFE


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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