The Face of Summer – Daily Prompt!

Behold the face of SUMMER!!!

So, it is now official that summer 2016 has berthed. June 20 – The Summer Solstice!!!

What does this mean to me? Ha ho, ho ha!!! It means sunlight, sunshine, warmth, flip flops, Tank tops, Shorts, Hey what else? It means hazy days and warm breezy nights!!!  Continue reading “The Face of Summer – Daily Prompt!”

Photo of the Day!

Den Gamle By – “The Old Town” –  is a living picture of life in Denmark as it looked in the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s.  In Den Gamle By,  you can explore the homes, courtyards and shops as they might have looked in Hans Christian Andersen’s days.

Den Gamle By was founded in 1909 as the world’s first open-air museum of urban history and culture. The museum contains more than 75 houses relocated from all over Denmark and it also has several permanent exhibitions. (Internet sources) Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”