Monday Meme – #8

This post is in response to Leannenz Monday Memes, a weekly challenge by Leannenz. Feel free to participate and share your favourite memes. Don’t forget to give him a pingback so he can see your post.


This is the new life style. People are so consumed by Social Media that nothing else seem to matter much these days. Over- indulgent in it can be really annoying.

Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Meme – #8

  1. I have read about the millennials that have a new anxiety syndrome when their phone battery is getting low and they have no access to a charger. How sad is that? Next comes the implanted phone device with glasses that act as both a screen for viewing data and as a charger when exposed to light. How will that generation act? Perhaps we need a meme for potential futures.

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    1. Haha! Honestly, it’s a crazy world we live in now… It’s a crazy generation of people who live their lives on the phone and Social Media, that any break causes so much anxiety. It’s a crazy addiction! A meme will be a great idea and fun too.

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