Photo of the Day!

*The Harbour is a great place to unwind as I enjoy the sight of the sailing boats*

DSC_0335 (3).JPG
*One of those moments at the lake*
DSC_0797 (2).JPG
*Pensive – watching the lake and thinking about Nature and life*


Here are my photo offerings for today. Well, today I am presenting three photos of the face of Giggles and Tales, Simpledimple – ME! 

She lives the moment embracing the new season with all it has to offer.

Since, this weather is a fleeting moment too, and this summer glow will pass away, I’d create the time to visit places and be at peace with the wonders in Nature –  Peace, Tranquil and Beauty. All what Nature is made of when we look closely.

I hope you will seize this moment too and enjoy your day.

Peace and Love!

© 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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