Tourist – The Daily Prompt!

I enjoy travelling. I love to see new places. Vacation time is for relaxation. A time to replenish my energy. To indulge myself in visiting places of interest with so much curiousity. Vacation time means depleting my bank account in exchange for wonderful travels. Continue reading “Tourist – The Daily Prompt!”

What do You Reflect on?

What are you reflecting upon?

Do you know that you are a reflection of your thoughts?

Positivity should be your main focus

‘Cos staying positive makes a robust and productive YOU

Negativity is a mind of unproductive you Continue reading “What do You Reflect on?”

Devotional Nuggets – #6

Are you your brother’s keeper?

There are occasions when I feel very happy that God is not man. And that Man is not God. It’s strange how people treat one another when they are down, especially among the Christian family.

How easy it is for people to throw stones at you at the slightest mistake. I really I’m so glad that God is no man! Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #6”