Cloud – The Daily Prompt!

11228933_10206476169760108_4536293125985752515_o (3).jpg

The cloud is magical and mysterious

A jigsaw puzzle

That overwhelms me

Her looks and moods I cannot comprehend

What’s in her different moods?

A radiant smiling morning beauty

Radiating her pinkish golden glow

My admiration, my ecstasy

Ominous sky spits fire when in rage

Perhaps, angry at the earth for all her ungodly vices

But who will blame the Sky?

And what’s with the cloud?

Turned a smokey grey oldie today

A fiery tremor as I tremble and shiver

She roars and quakes and rages

Thunderous echoes of an angry sage

And when she opens her mouth

I run helter skelter seeking a hideout

As her tears covers the earth in a pool of water

What’s with this cloud?

Even now, it wears a rainbow

Picturesque vibrant makeup on her face

Here I am gazing at the cloud

In awe of her effervescent posture


The Daily Prompt – Cloud.

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Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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