Photo of the Day!

12924493_930189477078111_8100542739979253341_n (2)
*Taken inside the tourist bus*


10399498_930194983744227_1109276824433710926_n (2)


12240146_930189120411480_1163512299721315099_n (2)
*A major road*


12439274_930195610410831_18564771673631939_n (2)
*Side view of the central train station – Hamburg*

12472480_930194280410964_8275736235259647540_n (3)


12512727_930185740411818_3050300922593818592_n (3)
*The city of Hamburg is littered with trees*

Here are my photo offerings for today:

The above photos are sights from the German city called – Hamburg!

Hamburg is only 4hours drive from me. Germany share borders with Denmark and is one of the easiest places to visit with direct buses and trains at ridiculously cheap fares. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Peace and Love!

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