Look Up – Weekly Photo Challenge!

Going about our day, we often don’t pay attention to what’s directly above us. We’re more likely to focus on what’s in front of us rather than what’s overhead. Or if you’re like me, what’s below us to avoid tripping over anything – Nancy Thanki

For this week’s challenge, take a moment to look up. Whether it’s the fan above your head at work, your bedroom ceiling, or the night sky, what do you see? Is it familiar? Or does it show you a new perspective on your surroundings?


Italy pix (2)
*Rome, Italy*


3088_1135170612448_1682585_n (2)
*Copenhagen, Denmark*


3088_1135170652449_6918789_n (2)
*Copenhagen, Denmark*


3088_1135170692450_6988574_n (2)
*Copenhagen, Denmark*


1924073_59262280504_942_n (3)

The Weekly Photo Challenge – Look-Up.

Peace and Love!

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12 thoughts on “Look Up – Weekly Photo Challenge!

  1. You take the best pictures. You are amazing full time blogging and work, and all the rest of life too.

    The first pic,, Rome Italy, but the monument, must originally be from Egypt ? I think. Had the pleasure of doing the Nile cruse – and visiting all the sites and temples of ancient Egypt. I recommend you go if you haven’t – lovely experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dont forget that early civilization came from Egypt so the concept must have originated from there. Thanks for the compliment. I never knew that I will blog and these photos occupying my space here, lol, will become useful. But I am glad for them now. keeping my fingers crossed for a trip to Egypt. Maybe someday in the future… can’t say never. I am still exploring Europe, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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