Photo of the Day!


I wanted to share one of my beautiful moments spent observing nature, and watching as the day dusked along this summer. While waiting for the sky to play with twilight colours. It’s incredible how I have become so fond of the sky, the ocean and anything beautiful in between. It’s just so incredible!  I took a stroll to the Harbour yesterday, the last day of July and captured these great views. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Stop Talking – Take Action!

I woke up today to behold a new month

So July has zoomed past already?

What was I thinking?

I planned to start up with my lifelong dreams and goals

Really, I planned it for July

But July 2016 belongs to history now Continue reading “Stop Talking – Take Action!”

The Daily Prompt – Dramatic!

The world is a stage

A  dramatic theatre

Everyone in it is playing a role

Either as an actor

Or a spectator

Each with a distinct role

And both the actor and the spectator

Are important to the world


Peace and Love!

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