Photo of the Day!


I wanted to share one of my beautiful moments spent observing nature, and watching as the day dusked along this summer. While waiting for the sky to play with twilight colours. It’s incredible how I have become so fond of the sky, the ocean and anything beautiful in between. It’s just so incredible!  I took a stroll to the Harbour yesterday, the last day of July and captured these great views.


20160731_220816 (3).jpg

20160721_205959 (5)

I love how God paints across his own canvas – the sky. It’s so amazing to watch it every day and see the numerous colours and designs it beams out to the world. No man ever created anything this most astonishing sight ever. Both sunrise and sundown brings us alluring and stunning moments to relish.

20160731_213103 (2)
*The tranquill and peace of the ocean is heavenly*


20160731_213118 (2)


20160731_220632 (2)
*Live life if you can afford it, laugh and merry, you can only pass this way once*


20160731_220742 (2)

And I wonder how many people are looking at these wonderful arts of existence and enjoying the captivating sights and appreciating them and thanking God for providing us with such awesomeness.

Isn’t that gorgeous!? It’s so funny how sometimes you cry just because things are so wonderful and so beautiful and you’re just moved to tears.

I hope you are spending the summer well. A quick reminder that if you are not warming up into the summer yet, chances are that this new month, August, will stroll by and bingo, the cold season will bellow a hello to us. Therefore, live life now don’t wait for tomorrow.

These were my photo offering for today. All photos were taken yesterday evening of July 31, 2016.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


25 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

      1. Yes … have taken on an assignment which takes up a lot of time and need to slip into a different routine. ‘slowly slowly’ .. so playing catch up 🙂 TC


      1. Likewise, seem like busy times… I have a new job schedule and that has affected my blogging routine. I hardly have time to post my usual daily features or even visit other blogs. I’m really pressed for time now. But it’s always nice to read from you. Take good care. Thank you. 🙂


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