Devotional Nuggets – #40

There are so many churches today with so many preachers who preach the word or so it seems. Christianity is on a new level now unlike what it used to be. You need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit to discern what is good from bad in modern day churches. You need to read the Bible yourself to decipher the truth in any Christian gathering.

Too many cooks spoil the broth is a proverb I knew growing up. In like manner, the prevalence of too many preachers of the WORD has also dealt a big blow to the word of God. Some have so twisted the Bible for selfish gains. While we still have a few who truly are called by God, who preach the word undiluted.  Take heed of the word you allow into your heart… You know the truth, let it set you free.

So today, let’s talk about those who preach the word to us.

The Preachers we need in the Body of Christ…

We need Preachers who preach the true word of God. We need preachers who preach salvation, holiness, and righteousness! Preachers who preach a message that will take you to heaven and not messages that will lead you astray or make you begin to lose confidence in yourself or even afford you temporary comfort zone.

Preachers who preach a message that will make you possess a good character or change your bad attitude into a good one. Words that form a good character in you, than meet your comfort.

Preachers who will preach the bitter truth that may not be pleasant to your ears. Saying it as it is without adding any colours to it. Yet, true words that are life changing on the long run.

We need Preachers who are genuine and not fake. Preachers who are after soul winning and not just to pull a large crowd to their churches by their sugar coated tongues… or impeccable grammar. Preachers should be after soul winning. True repentance and hope for the hopeless.

We need Preachers who will awaken your relationship with God. Preachers who will lead you into knowing God more and not just counting you as a number in Church or asking that you fleece yourself to make them richer.

Hey, you that is called a preacher… Are you a soul winner or a crowd puller?

There’s nothing wrong in pulling a large crowd. After all the Holy Spirit added to the Church in the Acts of the Apostles… He is doing the same today.

But here is the big question:

Is it the Holy Spirit that is pulling the crowd in your church?

Or you the preacher, is pulling the crowd by your own means or other powers?

Let’s run this race with utmost love and fear of God. Let’s preach God’s commandment again and again ‘cos in it lie wisdom and LOVE! When we love one another, there is little room for hate. 

The race is all about souls here on earth.

And about making heaven in the end.

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #40

    1. Exactly the salient point. Yes, it’s crazy back home! They have deviated from preaching the truth, but instead turned themselves into gods. And the gullible and vulnerable amongst the congregation worship them and kiss their feet. A sorry story, indeed!

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    2. Such a massively importantly point about knowing the Bible for ourselves! As responsible disciples, we must be capable students of our source document, and learn to trust the Holy Spirit in our private study and prayer. The preachers are to “equip the saints for the work of the church”, not merely be spoon feeding us as a bunch of spiritual babies. Sometimes, we are also to blame for this condition! Good post!

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      1. Aptly stated! I couldn’t agree more. And you described it well that – “Sometimes, we are also to blame for this condition!”. Wish people will wise up to the truth. Thanks a bunch Dear for this comment. Xx


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