Fear: A Limitation To Progress!

The fear of fear is the beginning of failure. Fear is a bad dream which festers bad thoughts and limits progress. Fear is a big enemy that is depriving many people from living a normal life – the fear that they will not succeed. The fear that they might fail themselves and their families. The fear that they are not good enough.

Fear make things and objects appear scary. Fear invokes the spirit of failure to consume ones thoughts even before the first step is taken to actualise a goal.  Fear evokes a bad image or bad experience into our conscious mind. Fear is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to great achievements in life. Fear makes you lose your grip and confidence. Fear makes you nervous. Fear makes you restless and uncomfortable. Fear brings panic and confusion. Fear is intimidating and daunting.

Often times, we are afraid of what could happen to us. We are afraid of what others may think about us. We are afraid to make mistakes forgetting that mistakes are a part of existence. Mistakes equip us with lessons and experiences. Mistakes makes us better and stronger to face our tomorrows. We fear for safety. We fear the unknown. We are even scared of tomorrow and what will become of our lives. We are afraid to take risks and launch ourselves out in the world.

Fear inhibits you to begin writing that book in you. A book you’ve mapped out its strategies that will enable you gain visibility and get you in front of the right people in life. You fear you are not good enough and that nobody will read your book or story.  We are afraid to invest in businesses. We are even afraid to go into new relationships because of bad and toxic relationships of the past.  Some people are even afraid of their own shadows. Oh yes, there are people who fear everything and anything.  Even the mere sight of a cockroach can send some to an early grave. Now, think about those things that rattles you. Moreso, those insignificant things that you constantly fret about! That’s exactly what I am talking about.

Humans create fear by imagining things and creating images that does not exist.  Is there something hiding under the bed, or something behind the dark corner? Is he/she going to die, when someone is sick in the family?  Is there someone or something lurking around – at the parking-lot, in the basement? Will I arrive at my destination when on a trip? Will I ever get it right in life? Will this marriage work? Will I pass the interview? Will I be able to speak to an audience? Will I be a good blogger? The list is endless.

However, fear is a normal biological response that sparks anxiety in everyday life. Fear causes apprehension and an anticipation of danger or bad occurences. Many things evoke intense fearful emotions in humans. It ranges from very mundane and the minutest things to very obvious scary objects so to speak.

Do you live in constant fear? Are you engulfed by fearful thoughts? Is fear holding you back from living a normal life? Perhaps, you need to pay attention to your responses on life’s issues to know if you live by fear.  This becomes a phobia when this emotion becomes so intense and consuming that it encroaches one’s inner peace.

Let us be wary of fearful impulses that act as limitations in building a healthy successful live. Let us smile at fear and be bold to face our fears!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “Fear: A Limitation To Progress!

  1. This is so true! But why do we have the fear? Is it bigger than it was for people in previous centuries? I guess it is just as natural emotion as love is. However, lately the public exposure of mankind increased drastically and that fact made our fears even worse. There is no route to self avoiding it, rather facing our fears small or big is the path to great life 🙂

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    1. Spot on! You are right – fear is as natural emotion as love is. And facing our fears is the only answer if we truly want to move forward in life. Just like love, it’s a ‘pain that hurts so good’ and we just can’t do without it no matter what… Thank you for stopping by and commenting too. Much appreciated. Cheers! 🙂


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