Dear Self…

It is high time you realized some good facts about these ‘social friends’ you have so embraced in recent times. Better be honest with yourself… Okay, for some time now. I’ve been watching you so closely and I think you should consider the effects of hanging around these so-called friends like your whole life depends on them.

I want to remind you again that you should be disciplined and responsible in dealing with issues at this stage of your life. Why do you waste so much time in tackling very urgent matters? You are not known to procrastinate excessively. The reason you began to lose grip of yourself with your pragmatic posture is because of too many distractions. Oh Yes! Which part of the grammar is confusing?  Is it the distractions or the delay in handling personal commitments? Tell me which one?

Dear Self, for the umpteenth time, take note that these so-called new social friends will waste your time and at the end, you are the loser.  Can’t you see that the bond and the relationship is becoming too close and detrimental to your general wellbeing?  Cut off this bonding, reduce the usage and come back to your sanity. Please!

I know you to be organized, proactive and very prompt in handling urgent matters until the innovators of digital tech bombarded the world with numerous digital tools that has stolen the hearts of many. At the beginning you were acting like a real grown-up, behaving like you were not attracted to them. But pronto! They became your best friends.

Are you getting any remuneration from Mark Zuckerberg? Does he compensate you in any way? Why are you the highest consumer of his innovative prowess? Why? Don’t you know that you are wasting precious time by indulging heavily on Facebook and even WhatsApp doing nothing serious but jumping from one profile to the other, checking out other people’s lives? Disturbing other people by prying into their affairs and believing that every write-up is targeted at you?

Don’t get it twisted, I am not denying the fact that credence should be given to these platforms where the serious minded ones are enjoying great viable exchanges. Yes, there is a lot of positive and progressive interactions going on in these social networking sites.

But I’m talking to you, when you make it your office – sit down for a great amount of time doing nothing but frivolous acts. When you wake up and begin sniffing around, bugging people and trying who to manoeuvre with your gimmicks. When you are dying slowing thinking of the next string to pull with your ‘fake’ fashionista makeovers; the next selfie to post as a daily business just so you can attract attention. When you waste your time when there are other important engagements to attend to…

Always remember this:

Don’t be carried away by the razzmatazz on Facebook and the likes. Don’t develop jealous or envious tendencies by what you see others post… e.g., elaborate photographs or huge display of affectionate love for spouses… Some of those are mere fallacies. Don’t go, dying slowing believing there is something wrong with your life with wrong presumptions you allude to others ostentatious lifestyle on FB… On the contrary, you’d be shocked to know the truth about these make-up stories.

Excessive indulgence on these Social Networking sites can affect the pace at which real goals are reached. The negative effect of their excessive consumption can spell doom when discipline is not applied in their usage. Time is money.  Be wise on Social Media and know when to press the stop button to enable you attend to other crucial matters… I dare say that many people are obsessed with these digital tools that they fail to meet with deadlines and achieve set goals.

Further, watch your emotions. The more you spend time looking at other’s profiles, the more you get ‘jealous’ of the fun they are having, or their perfect lives or bodies and then you start comparing yourself to others, you feel intimidated by them, or start feeling low about yourselves. And of course, you end up being miserable or even depressed.  Got it?

In essence, wisdom must be applied if any meaningful progress must be made in life. These Social platforms are too attractive to be ignored, too inviting not to touch, too appetizing not to eat, too hilarious and amusing not to be infected, too magnetic that it’s difficult not to stay glued, too hypnotizing not to get bugged. It is very charming and alluring and like bees, it stings those who get stucked by their deceptive fallacy. You need to be disciplined and to exercise self-control.

Dear self, that is all from me today.  I know you are wise.  All the best as you apply caution to action.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

30 thoughts on “Dear Self…

  1. I was thinking about this when I was getting frustrated with social media – if my FB got wheedled down to just the people that I actually do consider friends – the ones that are nice, supportive and do not instill any negative feelings in me, I would probably only have 20 friends. I enjoyed your post – thought provoking!

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    1. Really, activities on FB can be frustrating. One only need to be cautious and act responsibly… I value my time and seldom have enough time to engage with my blogging demands. So, FB is moderated considerably with positive interactions. I appreciate your comment. Many thanks. 🙂

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  2. I wrote on my timeline once “Reality is a lot different from social media” and it is the truth. We all need to speak to ourselves and get back to where we ought to be. Great post as always. Well done Stella! *hugs*

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    1. A reason why people need to be careful with what they post on FB. Most employers are watching and reading their employees timetime… Thanks for taking the time to read such a long post. I appreciate the comment as well. 🙂

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