The Daily Prompt – Tree!

Trees can be fascinating especially those we see around us that are planted in the neighbourhood to beautify the environment.

However, some trees are just spectacular because of their features. Some look very spooky and fearful while others are simply mysterious and appear sinister.

Spooky tree (3).jpg
*Found within the Frederiksborg Castle*

It’s indeed true that vegetations have the spookiest looking plants and trees as you can see from the above tree, which is found at the Frederiksborg Castle, in Copenhagen Denmark.

This beautiful Castle is located in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. The Castle is surrounded by the Castle Lake, a Baroque Garden and romantic landscaped gardens. It’s such a beautiful place to visit in the summer and Autumn.

In response to the Daily Prompt – Tree.

Peace and Love!

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18 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Tree!

    1. I agree that the tree is odd yet stunning. It’s not a tree to ignore, lol. I appreciate your comment and many thanks for the follow. Have a fabulous weekend. Cheers! 🙂


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