New Week – New Blessing!


There is a saying from where I come from that whatever time one wakes up is his/her morning. So, which ever part of the globe you live in, it’s a brand new day, a new week with new blessings from the universe. So wake up and take charge. Wake up and live your life not minding whose ox is gored, no matter what comes your way. It’s a new week, be wise, be proactive, be at alert.

How many of us have sat and said ‘I wish’! Anything is possible and you can do anything you want in life, but it wont come and find you. You must take that leap. If you want something badly, go out there and grab it, before it’s too late.

I believe that a new morning is God’s way of saying to us – you have one more time, a new opportunity to live a good life, to make a difference, to touch someone’s heart, encourage someone’s mind and inspire someone out there.

It’s a new day to amend some mistakes and change some things in your life. Step out with confidence and be helpful in any small way to others. Be considerate too and try to be in God’s service.

Despite the fact that life happens and stand on the way at times, try the much you can to create happy moments and make sweet memories this week. 

Wishing everyone a good and pleasant day.

Peace and Love!

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