Morning Musings!

Time has made me to understand the intricacies of life. That I have begun to find love and beauty in tiny details, in mundane places and even in insignificant platforms. From fine thin lines, horizontal and vertical to the food items displayed in shelves waiting to be purchased.

As someone who pen down thoughts that rise up within me, I have discovered that one can write just about anything and everything. There are inspirations everywhere and even right under one’s nose. Oh yes, look within your bedroom and you’d find something to write about. Walk over to your kitchen and there you will find lots of inspiration and things that will awaken your writing spirit.

But for time, there is always something to write about. There are stories everywhere and behind every tiny details around us.

Every trace of a horizontal and vertical line is a script that tells a story

Every mundane object lying carelessly on the floor, has a tale behind it

You must look harder and  deeper to see

The beauty wrapped in any substance or object

You’ve got to define that beauty from your own eyes

There is something good or bad about everything

And that’s something you must find out

It’s up to you to weave a story behind your find

Inspiration lies everywhere in Nature


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.

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