Devotional Nuggets – #51

What a lovely day! The sun is shining so brightly here but hey, don’t be deceived by this shine and leave home without warm clothing’s… nope, the season of thin apparels is over. Now, gradually, the layers are returning to our bodies… Here’s a big welcome to yet another glorious Saturday. I love my weekends ‘cos sleep is sweeter without the rude alarm.

Today, let’s talk about our unique gifts from God.  It’s so interesting that we all have our different callings. Everyone is different. You and I have our different talents and areas we excel so very well. Yours is different from mine and vice versa. That is why the world is so dynamic, everyone bringing a piece of themselves makes for a variety of options and different opportunities.

In this community, we all write… bloggers! Yet, we write and blog with our own voices and writing styles. Everyone is unique in their approach. We all write so very differently while sending out our messages and lessons out there.

Our callings may be similar, but we don’t have to go about it the same way and manner. Your approach might be different from mine. It’s just like cooking Jollof rice – I might have my special method of putting the ingredients together while you also have your unique way. The bottom line is that we end up with same Jollof rice using varied cooking processes.

So indeed, every call is uniquely different.

You don’t have to follow my ways and I do not have to follow your ways.

But as a Believer of the WORD, we all have to follow the teachings therein. Jesus Christ, The Way, the Truth, and the Life, The Author and Finisher of our faith, who is our example.

We have to allow the Holy Spirit be our only Teacher, Helper, Guide, and Senior Partner.

We have to let the Word of God be a lamp unto our feet, directing our every step.

Have you ever wondered why no two people, even identical twins never have the same fingerprints?

You can have the same DNA with your family members, but not the same fingerprint. Oh yes!

Every individual have their own unique fingerprint proving that indeed God is awesome?

As your fingerprints differ so your calling differs and the ways to run with your visions differs.

Therefore, stop following the trend! Rather, try to be a pacesetter! BE YOU!

Don’t switch from your calling unto another’s because the other is trending. Remember that God didn’t make a mistake giving you your gift. He made you and deposited that gift in you to utilize and excel in.

He didn’t tell you another person’s gift will make way for you. He stated it clearly that your (own) gift will make way for you. So it is time you stopped wasting your precious time trying to follow the trends of others you think are succeeding. Know that it is their time to shine and reign. Focus on your qualities and gifts and your time will come too… if you do not relent. They paid the price tag of that gift and success.

Meditate on God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit lead you to your God ordained destiny.

We can learn from others, but be careful not to copy or want to be them.

Desire to be you! Run your race with your focus on your own vision. And your eyes on God where your help comes from. Learn to hear from HIM and not from men. Make no mistake. Our God doesn’t make any mistakes.

Whatever He created you for, whatever gift He deposited in you that is what will make you!!!

You are made for a unique purpose!!!

Yes you are uniquely created.

Have a truly awesome weekend.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.

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