And The Year 2016 Ends – Thank You Everyone!

I have to say this before the year ends in about 3 hours from now.

Dear Blogger Friends,

It has been an amazing year in this WP community. Even though there has been some small challenges and frictions along the way, my interactions with you here has been a most pleasant experience. Every one of you has enriched me immensely one way or the other by your postings, your inspiring comments and honest feedbacks.  Continue reading “And The Year 2016 Ends – Thank You Everyone!”

Resolutions And Promises…!

New Year Resolution?

Most people welcome every New Year by making resolutions or promises that are rarely achieved. A list of goals are written down with the expectation to carry out such goals. However, often times, these goals are discarded and never accomplished, simply because some of them are unrealistic. Continue reading “Resolutions And Promises…!”

A Note to 2016…

Dear 2016,

I have only today and tomorrow to cuddle you and kiss you goodbye.

You have been an amazing year. A great year filled with many highlights and tons of challenges. As you are about to exit your tenure, I want to weave my thoughts into words and share a sneak peek of you and I. Continue reading “A Note to 2016…”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Path!

There are many pathways in life. There are many crossroads. I pray for the spirit of discernment to choose the pathway that leads to my purpose in life. The path that will bring the best in me. The path that I will blossom and flourish in. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Path!”

The Daily Prompt – Festive!

It’s Christmas, a day of joy and celebrations by Christians all around the world. Yet so many people are sad and alone, in self-imposed prisons and are unable to join in the fun and celebrations. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Festive!”

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope you are in good spirit today and having a great time where ever you are. My Christmas wish for this community is that every one of us will have a much better opportunity in the coming year, starting with good health for everyone and a better blogging lifestyle.

It’s been a year of hardwork, good interactions, of fun, laughter and love. It’s also been a year of great upheaval both in the personal lives of some of us and the world at large.

Continue reading “Merry Christmas Everyone!!!”