Welcome to December!

I am here with the musings about the month of December. Why am I picking on this month? The answer is simple. December is the last and busiest month of the year. Talk about December and the Christmas bug appears.  Talk about Christmas and all the razzmatazz of this special day comes to mind.

December was the month that tickled me very much as a child. It was an awesome period to eat all those special foods and get lots of presents. It is the month when a new dress and shoe concludes the deal for me as a child. It’s a unique period that lightens and brightens up the soul.

December is a season of travels to be with family. A season of glittering decorations. A time to enjoy the Christmas carols. A period to visit the shops in search of Christmas cards, gifts and presents to give to loved ones, friends and families. And the special Christmas dinners and parties add to the merriments of the season.

Christmas to me is not the actual day, the twenty-fifth. Rather it is the joy in the atmosphere. The fanfares, the public displays as seen in most cities, I mean the exotic decorations heralding the big day.  I am excited about Christmas for the same reasons many other people are also excited. I think the ecstatic feeling about December is innate in humans especially Christians. However, it is amazing that the month has something to offer everyone despite their religious beliefs.

There are many holidays during this month. And it also signifies the end of the year, when everybody shows gratitude for life, and celebrate the joy of seeing the year end with expectations for a prosperous New Year.  December is an incredible month and the peak of the year. And it does fascinate me, indeed. The thought of it brings a smile to my face. It is a time of family and celebrations.

Preparations for Christmas begins with the cleaning of the house and putting up of decorations. Even the streets of major cities in the world are decorated.  I call it a wonder month of many ‘wow’ exclamations! From the amazing street decorations, the beautiful adornments in the homes, the glittering and shimmering festive dresses, the Christmas bonuses, and the glitz that comes with the opening of gifts and presents. What about the fire-works? They are simply breath-taking and thrilling. Pleasant surprises, exchange of gifts, show of love, all these and more, affectionately produce the magical sound, Wow!

The Christmas tree is a striking feature of the decorations which stands bare without the symbol. The Star. This is called the Star of Bethlehem or the Christmas Star. It symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. It was the Star that revealed His birth to the three wise men in the Bible.

So when you light your candles this season, when your homes are sparkling with rays of light, remember that Jesus is the light of the world. And the Star on top of your Christmas tree represents his star.

As the year draws to an end, may you find hope in the coming year.

Happy Holidays!!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.

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