It’s Day 3 – December!!!

Wow! It’s day three of the special month, December. I call it the ‘Wow’ month.


The preparations for the D-day has already started. Wow!

The season of Advent. Wow! I love the colour purple in my good old church.

The Christmas decorations spring up everywhere, in the homes, in the offices, on the streets. Lovely beautiful decorations, Wow!

Christmas carols in the air. So pleasing to my ears, wow!

Sales, cheap, cheap prices, massive discounts in the shops inviting you to empty your wallets. Shopping, shopping and shopping. It can be so exhausting. Wow!

What’s in the shopping bags? Lots of gifts and presents. Wow!

Christmas cards? Wow! What a surprise to get this from the post in this era of digital cards.

The 13th month salary, Wow! Thank you December for this Christmas bonus.

Festivities, Wow! All these Christmas parties happening everywhere – at work, in schools, in groups. Weddings and even birthdays! Wow! It’s fun all the way.

Baking time, different foodies, cookies, pastries, candies, chocolates, hmmn, Wow!

Travels. Hmmn, at last it’s time to return home to loved ones and families – Wow!

The end of the year! Wow! Thank God we made it through this year.

The time to enjoy Winter or Harmattan depending on your geographical location. Wow! This cold is killing.

What about the special days too? I didn’t even know. Okay.
World AIDS Day (Dec 1). International day of Persons with disability (Dec 3 – today). Human Rights Day (Dec 10). Wow! Now I know.

And the main reason about the sparkles in December – It’s Christmas (Dec 25) Wow! Wow! Wow!

There are many more reasons why we (you) love the month, December.

Why is the month special to you? Let’s hear your reasons.


Thank you. Have a fabulous day.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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