The Daily Prompt – Sacred!

Eke Day!


Ewo! Grandmother cried

“Adaku!  Adaku!!

Listen to the words of wisdom

To the voice of an old sage

Drop the cutlass and basket

It is Eke day”

The sacred day in the land

No one dares the gods

For their fury spell doom to a clan

Do not desecrate the land

And bring a curse upon our clan

It is Eke day

The road to the farm is bare and lonely

Devoid of humans

With echoes of whispering palms

As the spirits dance the aguba with chapped hands

Daring none to see

Adaku! Adaku!!

Let them be, let them sleep

It is Eke day

Only the warriors and the Ohene’s

Can dare the gods and commune with the spirits

It is Eke day


In response to the Daily Prompt – Sacred.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Sacred!

  1. Something is happening in WP. Many of the blogs that I follow, I do not get any of those posts in my reader anymore. Not sure what is the issue. Are they rationing no of posts in a reader? Have not seen posts from you for quite some time.

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    1. Oh Dear, I don’t think there is a problem getting posts on WP reader. I’ve been away from blogging and haven’t been posting regularly as I used to. That might be the reason why you don’t see my posts anymore. I’ve really missed this community and your great writings. And I’m so behind in catching up. 🙂

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