Santa is in Town…!!!

It’s one week before the D-Day! Oh yes, by this time next Saturday, it will be Christmas here… 24th is D-day!!! Surprised? That’s how it’s done here in Denmark and some other parts of Europe. Christmas is celebrated on the 24th. But I’ll save this talk for a later date… Right now, got to run to the shops and pick up condiments for my very special traditional Christmas dish. Hmmn, the thoughts of cooking some delicious loved filled ‘Egusi’ soup (melon seed soup) with some pounded yam sends some wonderful feelings to me. Haven’t eaten this for a while and here’s a better time to do that again.

Hey friends, it’s the last weekend before Christmas, remember! What’s on your wish-list? Well, pen it down for me, you might just get a surprise from Santa, haha, remember Christmas is a time of great expectations and pleasant surprises. And Santa is very magnanimous at this special season.

It’s such an exciting weekend. A beautiful cold Saturday with so much frenzy in the air as this is the last weekend to Christmas. Everyone is putting finishing touches and last minute details for the big celebration. People are getting ready to welcome back family, friends and loved ones. Wow! Now that sounds sweet and lovely.  It’s the season of warm embrace and love, I tell you.

So remind me of something on your wish-list again! Send it across ‘cos Santa is in town and ready to honour your wishes, Haha! Be hopeful.

Wishing you all awesome moments as you celebrate the season.

Peace and Love!

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