Resolutions And Promises…!

New Year Resolution?

Most people welcome every New Year by making resolutions or promises that are rarely achieved. A list of goals are written down with the expectation to carry out such goals. However, often times, these goals are discarded and never accomplished, simply because some of them are unrealistic.

There are 365 (or 366) days in a year and today marks the end of this year. So, as the winter solstice is biting hard, with the year about to bid humanity farewell, a reflection at the year becomes pertinent. Assessing the overall accomplishments of the year will be the wisest thing to do before setting new goals.

Let’s ponder on the below questions.

What were your resolutions and goals in 2016?

Were they achieved?

Did you succeed in following your own goals to the latter?

Answering these questions honestly will guide one into taking cautious steps in planning goals for the coming year.

It is not enough to make resolutions but the discipline to adhere to them is what matters. There are drawbacks in life that work against our set goals. The exigencies of life can become hitches to derail the plans. You never know what lurks around the corner. Sickness can come knocking at the door. Getting sick just happens sometimes.

During extreme weather, people catch the flu and getting under the weather means that you become passive for that period and deviate from your original plans. With this in mind, making absolute New Year resolutions often times turn out to be a mere joke.

Apparently, some goals are not likely to see the light of the day because they are very ambiguous and seemingly unclear. Why? A possible and plausible explanation might be that the goals we set are not meaningful and result-oriented. They are vague goals that we cannot ascertain the progress.

Set specific and definite goals. Put a deadline to actualising them and work hard to achieve the desired results.

In essence, try setting goals that you can measure at intervals to know if any progress is recorded.

Write plans that work with your intentions instead of following other people’s assertions.

Adhere to your goals, set reminders to propel you to effectively address them.

Ensure that the goals you set are feasible and that they will lead to something tangible in your life. That at the end of the year, you will see the benefit of setting the goals in the first place.

We should be more disciplined and impose it upon ourselves to do things that dignify our lives. Self-nudging is one thing we should develop in the coming year. We need to ginger ourselves instead of waiting for a green light by someone, who is busy elsewhere defining their own lives.

Having said the above, I know I don’t make New Year Resolutions because I simply do not want to lie to myself. I am old enough to know that as human, I am not perfect.

And since I am prone to mistakes, keeping a good tab on promises and resolutions is better left alone. I can only live one moment at a time while keeping a watchful eye on those things that will bring credibility to my life.

Nonetheless, there are certain areas I honestly hope to see tremendous changes. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising is key to me and I want to tenaciously fall in love over and over again with my gym sessions.

Servicing my social connections is one area I need to improve on. So, I pledge to myself to be more responsive to calls, mails, text messages and creating time to relax more with family and friends.

Writing is a way to get outside of myself – it is so therapeutic. I want to express and document the many quirks and twist of my daily situations; to pen down memories that stream into my mind refusing to let go. To be prompt in responding to comments as well as engage in interactions that will enhance my blog.

The above form a part of the larger vision of my aspirations for 2017. It is my utmost wish that my willpower does not fail me.

What are you expecting to achieve in 2017?

What are your fantasies and goals?

Do you have a New Year Resolution?

Kindly share your thoughts with me if you have some moments to spare.

And let’s clink our glasses to the coming year and a fulfilling 2017!!!

Peace and Love!

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17 thoughts on “Resolutions And Promises…!

  1. This is a terrific post! May I please re-blog? Thank you so much for sharing!

    As for me, I don’t really do resolutions because of their tendency to be discarded sooner or later. I do goals, though. Last year, I set 2. I think I didn’t do so terribly with the growing up properly although it’s rather vague. I wanted to publish and I didn’t do it’s carried over to 2017 as a non-negotiable. This, of course, means self-publishing.

    All the very best of 2017 to us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am happy to read from you and please re-blog and share since you find the post worthy. Thank you. Indeed, our human nature and tendencies cannot fully be relied on… We deviate as pressures and challenges mount on us. Crossing my fingers for you on publishing your work in 2017. I pray this dream comes true for you and a success too. 🙂 Yes, to all of us – The best of 2017. Xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much, Stella.

        And I do wish for your dreams to come true.

        I will re-blog and update to re-post on my usual re-blog day 🙂 after New Year’s Day for a good reminder to all of us.

        Much love and hugs,


  2. Reblogged this on I think, I say, I do and commented:
    It’s that time of the year – it’s the New Year! It’s 2017!

    It is goal-setting / resolutions time. And I’d like to thank Stella for writing and sharing this post with us. Do read this inspiration in its entirety. For me personally, it’s a prompt to get moving on my goals. 🙂

    This time though, I will work on my follow-through, resilience, persistence, determination and unwavering faith in my ability and capacity to realize my dreams!

    I will continue to properly grow up in 2017. I will also make sure that I accomplish in the new year what I didn’t in the old year. It is time and if self-publishing is what will get the ball rolling, so be it! 🙂

    Once again, I wish you all a 2017 that is filled with so much love, joy, peace, success, good health, wealth and overall abundance, with dreams coming true!

    Liked by 1 person

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