Trust Your Instinct!




If you have ever ignored your inner voice or your instincts in the last years… How about doing it differently this year by trusting yourself the more. Trust your intuitions some more and watch the difference.

I am going to do just that and trust my intuitions. Our intuitions tell us the signs beforehand and they never really fail us. I have to listen well to that soft voice within me. It is relevant for my journey this year.

How about you?

Have an amazing day and a glorious year.

Peace and Love!

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20 thoughts on “Trust Your Instinct!

    1. Yes, it takes a discerning spirit to understand these things and to obey one’s intuitions. I have had occasions where I disregarded and later regretted it. So I am going to be more attentive to that inner voice. Have a great day, Ester. Cheers. 🙂

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    1. Dear Joana, often times our instincts are right. And when we connect with our inner spirits, they guide our actions and decisions. I have glaring experiences and concluded that instincts are powerful and should be watched closely. A fantastic year to you. Cheers. 🙂


  1. Our subconscious picks up a million more sights and sounds than the conscious thought process will know, at it is all these messages that have been picked up by the subconscious that send out the vibes which unfortunately many of us ignore at one time or another. Thanks for the timely reminder… Cheer for a great year ahead.

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