Because it is A NEW YEAR…

In this new year, it is pertinent to look at the past year (s) and assess the areas we did not record any appreciable level of success. While there is the need to adopt new measures to tackle them this year.

Because it is a new year…

Do not allow the failures and disappointments of the past year destroy a new opportunity you have to make things right this year.

Grab the new challenges and avail yourself the second chance that will come knocking on your door this year with your two hands. Remember that opportunities are sometimes disguised in challenges.

Charge up your determination and resilience levels and skills because you need it this year for your success to happen.

You can start afresh and again. It’s never too late. Yes, you can succeed this year at what you failed at before. But you need to try again one more time. And even try again and again.

Remember the cliché that experience is the best teacher… Now you are better equipped to tackle and handle your life using the prior knowledge and experiences as your directional compass this year.

Take or make a detour. Make a new move. Use a new approach. Use another door. Add new features. Sing a different tune. Do it differently this year!!!

A second chance is needed often times to enable one get better.

And because it’s a new year – here’s a second chance to improving the person you were yesterday.

Because it’s  a new year, find a new friend outside of your comfort zone and try to know the person some more. Get to know a new culture, a new place by developing new friendships beyond your borders. Spread your tentacles and widen your horizons.

Because it’s a new year, I really want to increase my horizons and make new friends from other cultures, and get to know them more outside of blogging. And if you are game with this…, then PM me with this email.

And because it is a new year, let us embrace one another, providing support and giving our kind and constructive feedbacks and comments.

Make this year worthy.  Count on the possibilities before you and don’t play the victim.

I wish that you will find good success in your good pursuits this year.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “Because it is A NEW YEAR…

    1. It’s a noble idea to think of engaging in more studies. Since you’ve thought about it, go ahead with the plans with great optimism. I hope the best for you. Thanks and a beautiful day to you. Xx 🙂


    1. The thought of a second chance at every new dawn rekindles the hope in me that I will get it right if I tried harder… The same to you Dear Barbara. May the best always come to you this 2017. Thank you and God bless. Xx

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