Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience!

According to WP, Jeffgolenski, “Ambience is the atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment. It basically boils down to how one’s surroundings impact the human senses and alter the feelings of an individual. Things like light, temperature, smell, sound, and sometimes taste, all work together to create ambience. The term ambience usually refers to a positive atmosphere that uplifts a person’s mood. As an example, one might say, “Wow, this place has real ambience!” Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience!”

The Frailty of Life…!!!

Last year, I lost a friend back in Nigeria. She was one of those people who you will never feel bored sharing your time with. She was bright, intelligent and very expressive. One Sunday evening in August, 2016, she sent me a message telling me she wanted to speak with me and how she has so missed me. She had tried my number which unknown to her had been changed. I replied that I would call her with my new number as soon as I could. I totally forgot to call her and days crept into weeks. Continue reading “The Frailty of Life…!!!”