The Frailty of Life…!!!

Last year, I lost a friend back in Nigeria. She was one of those people who you will never feel bored sharing your time with. She was bright, intelligent and very expressive. One Sunday evening in August, 2016, she sent me a message telling me she wanted to speak with me and how she has so missed me. She had tried my number which unknown to her had been changed. I replied that I would call her with my new number as soon as I could. I totally forgot to call her and days crept into weeks.

Then one day in October, I signed on to Facebook and behold, staring me in the face was a post that sent cold chills all through my body. “No, this couldn’t be true! Noooo, this is not happening. What? No, wait, hold on… Oh dear, I was going to call you. Really, I was going to call you but I… ” Words failed me! I couldn’t comprehend anything at that point. I stared on the screen, read the painful words of her sister and gave out a loud cry. Indeed, I cried.

How could I have forgotten to make that call? Why didn’t I make conscious efforts to call her back without delay? Now, she is no more. Now, she will never know that I truly wanted to reach out to her. To know why she so urgently wanted to speak with me.

That day got me into a very pensive mood as memories of the times we shared in the past flooded my thoughts. If only I had spoken to her at least one more time. If only…, and I reproved my actions. My ebullient friend died after a brief period of illness which I was obviously unaware of. Perhaps, there were some things she would have told me about her life or just about anything else… And that moment would have stayed with me as the last memories.

Each time I see the lovely comments she made on my FB posts and photos, a certain wave of guilt engulf me. I feel pained and I tried to tell her to forgive me for not calling her before she left this world.

Yesterday night happened to be one of those moments, when her comments reminded me of the frailty of life.

And there are other instances where I have enjoyed good ‘friendships’ on Facebook and in the real world only to be hit with the sad news of their demise.  This always leave me pondering about life and death.

Therefore, today, I am reminded of the reality of death and the frailty of human life.

Life is sweet and a gift to us all. Everyone deserves equal opportunity as no one deserves life more than the other. However, there are people who utilize this gift more effectively than the others. While some simply just waste their lives and never lived.

Now, the question is… how are you living your life? What are you doing to have a quality life? How do you affect the people God has brought in your way? How will they remember you when you die (inevitable)? What lives would be better because you affected them positively? What lives will live longer because you helped them to survive their poor living conditions? What will you be remembered for amongst your circle of friends and family members? Will your philosophy and legacy outlive you?

The game is over once one takes a bow and exit this world. So for those of us still here, breathing, it behoves on us to live a good life. Let’s live. Let’s love. Let’s use our time well because we will not have it forever.

First, we live by loving ourselves and enriching our chances in life. Then there is the need to love those around us… You know those special ones. As you love, you receive love in return. Try to be more expressive with your affections and love. Let them know, don’t stay quiet about it. Share your time with them and create memorable moments which act as a legacy when you are gone.

As I write this post, I am relatively speaking to myself. And I hope it will strike you as an integral part of our existence – to live and to love!

To everyone who has lost a soul without saying a proper goodbye to them, to everyone who couldn’t reach a soul and ask for their forgiveness before they exited, to everyone who has lost someone because they couldn’t help due to delayed action, to everyone who has been visibly shaken and heartbroken because they lost a loved one, I say take heart and try to live by this reality and be better in your dealings and interactions with other people.

For those who are today, mourning and grieving, I pray for strength for you at your critical time.  Stay strong and be comforted that death is a debt we all must pay.

May our lights shine and illuminate the path for someone else today. May we give our best time to those who love us? And may we use the blessings bestowed on us to touch lives with our good deeds and actions.

May we touch humanity in general as we shine our lights to brighten the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

23 thoughts on “The Frailty of Life…!!!

    1. You are just so kind ‘Susie’ – hope I can call you that! Lessons are tucked in life’s experiences. At the end of the day, I try to recall my interactions and exchanges for the day and try to see if there are lessons embedded in some of them. A kind of mini-appraisal of my actions, lol. Thank you for stopping by. Very much appreciated. A big Hugs back. 🙂

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    1. You can say that again Dear Jessica. It hurts beyond words. Sorry about your Grandmother and happy posthumous Birthday to her. Life is just a fleeting moment of time. We only live by the good memories they left behind. Hence it’s important we strive to create good memories with those special to us while we still have the opportunity. I appreciate your comment. Thanks and a beautiful week to you. Xx

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