Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned!

A visit to Kalø Castle takes you 700 years back in time. Kalø Castle is a historic building, the ruins and remains of a once beautiful castle of a Danish King. It is located in Eastern Jutland in Denmark, about 20 km from the city of Aarhus.

*Kalø Castle, Denmark*

It takes approximately 20 mins from the parking area to walk the wide lonely, stony path to the Castle.  This castle is in ruins now but a good tourist attraction for lovers of ancient history.

Need I mention also that the castle is a good place for an afternoon walk in the summer or even in the cold season, with a surrounding view that is both picturesque and great for panoramic shots.

*Behold the surrounding and the path that leads you to the ruins of the Castle from the parking area.  The cool breeze from the waters was soothing as we walked along*


*The ruins of a once upon a time, beautiful castle. Now a lonely shadow devoid of all the paraphernalia of a modern castle*

It was indeed a pleasure to travel back in time to history this last summer on a windy chilly day in July. It was a great relief to find shelter behind the ruins after the one kilometre walk to the castle. What next than to sit down for a little while, sip our cold drinks and enjoy the panoramic view that stretched out before us.

*A tourist attraction for lovers of ancient history*

My entry for the Dutchgoesthephoto – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned. 

Peace and Love!

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23 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, quite the photography you’ve got there. Would love your thoughts on our latest short stories at our Gastradamus blog. Please let us know what you think of Lardy Arms and rutjob

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  2. The castle is impressive. I really like how the modern additions complement the rough stone castle. It reminds me of some of the modern structures in New York City where an abandoned building is gutted and fitted with modern HVAC, windows, and utilities.

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