Indeed, A Beautiful Day!

I can’t let this beautiful day that nature is so kind to bless us with a good weather pass just like that. No, I can’t let this day that the sun is smiling sweetly on us pass without creating some good memories of it.

Will dash out in a bit, camera in hand so as to enjoy the splash of sunlight on my body. Hmmn, just imagine this life, me stepping out to enjoy the sun? Me feeling like I won a lotto just waking up to behold a stream of light piercing into my bedroom from the window? Me, feeling excited just for a flicker of sunlight!!!

This life!!!

And to think that I had this SUN, beaming super bright, glowing light so generously to me back home in my country, Nigeria, yet, I kept cursing nature for making the weather so HOT as I wiped off the sweats that formed droplets on my chin and face.

To think that I used to whine bitterly, complain endlessly, bemoan my fate, and curse arbitrarily because the innocent SUN was illuminating darkness out of my way; to think that I had the sun in abundance then but never really appreciated it; to think of all the things I actually took for granted and thought they posed a great threat to my life; to think, to think and ponder on those things now…!!!

Now, I am actually thinking of those things I took for granted back home… Hahaha!

Here I am dancing because of a flicker of light on this day in January when winter was supposed to be biting hard and freezing. Here I am feeling pleased with Mother Nature for a bright day.

The lessons I am learning in this life everyday…. to stop whining, to stop complaining and simply appreciate and enjoy the blessings of nature. The blessings of every day, despite the oddities!!!

Again, happy weekend everyone!!!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Indeed, A Beautiful Day!

  1. The world is such an awesome place
    As it imprints on our mind,
    The differences in time and space,
    That we so long to find.

    We thought we knew a thing or two,
    Until we found we didn’t.
    Now we see a thing or three,
    And learn to live within it.

    Accepting life as time streams by
    Enjoying what we see
    And dancing jigs with face to sky,
    While learning just to “Be”.

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