That Facebook Friends Day…!

“Facebook has launched a new feature where a dancing humanoid robot made out of ‘like’ and ‘reaction’ emojis displays images of your apparent best friends in a bid to celebrate Friendship Day.”

Today, Facebook is celebrating friend’s day though the official friendship day is August 6th.

A true friend is supposed to love and respect you. Friends are supposed to add meanings to our lives. Friends are supposed to be cheerleaders. Friends ought to encourage, motivate and inspire their friends.

Friends are NOT supposed to malign, envy,  destroy or kill their friends.

If you are a friend and you know you are a loyal friend, then it’s you Facebook is celebrating today and not the 1000 + friends on your friends list. Out of those number of friends, only a few are true and sincere. The rest are just benchwarmers, faceless, sitting and watching out for your every post. They monitor one’s progress and very quick to see the mistakes in your postings. They are quick to notice the contours in your make-up, your writings and dressing.

Indeed good friends should be celebrated. Good friendships make the world a better place as we all laugh and cry together even as we learn from one another too.

Good friends add value to our lives!

BUT the question for you today is?

Are you a true friend?

Clap for yourself if you are true and loyal to your friends! Haha!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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