Creating Happiness…!

A man met, loved and married a beautiful lady, and they were having a healthy marriage, when one day she developed a skin disease. And gradually, she started to lose her beauty but her husband continued to love her.

One day, her husband went on a tour, but while returning he had an accident and lost his eyesight. Her lost beauty and his lost sight notwithstanding, they continued to love each other. And they were having a happy life.

Death knocked in their home and his lovely wife died. Her death brought him great sorrow. When all the burial rites ended, he decided to leave that town, his neighbour asked him, “Now, how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you.” And the man replied, “I am not blind. I was acting because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease. So I pretended to be blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy.”

“Sometimes, it is good for us to act blind and ignore each another’s short comings, to create and enjoy happiness.”

Culled from the internet:

Peace and Love!

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9 thoughts on “Creating Happiness…!

    1. So apt! I’m glad you have read the story too. I share same sentiments with you and it’s a beautiful story that portrays that even in our ugliness, there are still some elements of beauty in us. And it’s always more rewarding to close our eyes to the discords in others to bring out the best in them. Thanks so greatly for your nice feedbacks. Have a truly amazing weekend. Cheers! 🙂

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