LOVE …!!!


Love leaps with joy

And tickles the heart

Love breathes new life into the lungs

And resuscitates a dying soul

True love protects and hides from danger

LOVE lives

It trusts

It’s unconditional

It lasts eternity

It is hopeful and wondrous to believe


The most beautiful thing that we can feel

That we can hold

That we can grasp

Love desires

Love expresses

Love sings

So sing love today as you celebrate together

Profess love as you dine and wine together

It’s okay to be ecstatic for love

Enjoy the mood and the settings

Enjoy the euphoria of a candle-lit dinner

Show love

It’s the best thing that we’ve got as humans

Let your partner feel the pulse in your love

Rejuvenate him/her with the love in your eyes

Cuddle and empower him/her in absolute bliss


The reason we are strong

When we ought to be weak


The reason we laugh

When we ought to cry


The reason we arise

To face a new day

Knowing that someone cares and love us

Even with our imperfections


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


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