My Dreams…!!!


I dream to wake up in the morning

With the sun peeping through the clouds

Injecting new life into my winter stunned world

I dream to soak myself in the sun for hours

With no stormy thoughts

But to visualise and feed my imaginations


I dream of game times and celebrations

Fun time spent amidst family and friends

Sharing tidbits and laughter

Enjoying the delish spread as we mingle and giggle

I dream of parks and gardens adorned with fairy lights

With beautiful flowers nodding their heads in delight


I dream of driving down to that scenic paradise

White sandy beaches with sparkling frothy waves

And beautiful lakes with plush green meadows

Listening to the black birds, the Wrens and Chaffinches

Carolling in their orchestrated chorus

As I nestle my head surrounded by cherry blossoms

Dazzled by their well-manicured bliss-pink petals.


I dream of a perfect world

Devoid of catastrophes and scary crippling terror

A world devoid of man’s cruelty and failings

A world purged of indigent and deprived souls

Oh! A world filled with human milk of love and care

I dream of strength and a hope that never dims

Wrapped in immeasurable bliss and joy


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


18 thoughts on “My Dreams…!!!

  1. I had a moment of stumbling in the final verse with interpreting the words ‘purged’ and ‘indigent’. Without knowing properly, or fully, what those words might mean, that particular line seemed to cause a violent rupture in the flow of all those preceding stanzas. I have to assume that with the general frame and context of the poem being a kindhearted and peace-loving one that the stalling point was simply my initial instinctive misinterpretation. I hope you don’t mind my comments in sharing with you that experience of reading your beautiful poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate comments and critiques on my poems. It does help me take a second look at them… I liked that you read and gave your kind feedback. I’m evolving so I welcome inputs and consider all viewpoints. Thanks and a nice day to you. 🙂


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