It’s World Poetry Day!

Today is an auspicious day. It’s World Poetry Day. The reason for today is to bring the power of poetry to the world. To encourage and promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world.

And I am here thinking about poetry and if indeed I could call myself a poet. Well, I am not yet a poet so to speak. Yes, I just scribble.  I am still learning the intricacies and ropes of writing good and acceptable poetry. It is a journey and I am still travelling the roads, watching, reading and practising the arts of many renowned and prolific poets. I am always thrilled and happy when I come across a good poetry written by others.

Okay fine, sometimes I try to scribble down something as a prose, poetry, just to get my message across and relay some moments in my daily realities of existence. I try to pour out my soul about some palatable and bitter moments of life. Of myself. And of others experiences.

Today regardless of how I feel about poetry, I want to say that poetry has given me a way of escape as I try to put down my thoughts in verses and lines. It’s a source of pleasure and a means of expression that is exhilarating and so therapeutic.

I am fortunate to have come across diverse and well-rehearsed poetry from this very WordPress community and other places on the internet. Sure, we have some damn good poets in-house.

Poetry is a cohesive and informative tool. A reformative art work that tries to demystify and correct some societal ills and problems. A source of infinite joy and pleasure, transmitting the potency and the power of true love and living. The language of poetry is not lost on any poetry enthusiast and lover because it has the potent powers of connecting people across cultural, religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

That art of writing poetry is diverse and much more a personal art. But at the end, it brings all peoples together because it is a universal language that is binding to humanity.

Are you a poet?

Could you tell us what poetry mean to you?

And how you’ve enjoyed the many poetic expressions you have thus far transmitted to the world.

Kudos to the world’s poets who are versed in all genres of poetry.

Kudos to all those who teach poetry.

Kudos to all those prolific poetry writers.

Kudos to all those who enjoy reading and encouraging budding poets.

It’s World Poetry Day!

Peace and Love!!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.


8 thoughts on “It’s World Poetry Day!

  1. I really like seeing all these poems on social media. It’s a nice refreshment. In my country, they even traded coffee for poems in some coffee shops, which I think it is pretty neat 🙂

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    1. Wow! That sounds nice and interesting… Sorry I’ve been away on my blog hence this late response. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate. Enjoy a wonderful day, Tina. Xx

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