March On To New Possibilities…

Backward Never, Forward Ever! This is a cliché but so true. You can never take back the hands of time. Time is progressive. Time is always on the move, non-renewable. The time is ticking away – tick tock, tick tock. Day turns into night, the sun rises and sets, people are born daily just as cases of death echoes every day. There is no end to time but there is an end to life.

Like play, like play, the year is cruising with reckless abandon, without caring whose ox is gored. What? Even the month of March is zooming past. Like play, like play, another Christmas is brewing its euphoric entrance, and before you say, hey, wait a minute, it’s here again, showing us the report sheet for how far we have fared in the year.

Yes! An appraisal for you and I. You reap what you sow, right? Another cliché! Actions and inactions have corresponding reactions. Christmastime is harvest time. The end of a fiscal year so to speak. You are elated if you have done well in the year. And sad with less enthusiastic feelings towards Christmas if the harvest is poor – little to reap from your little efforts or even from all your strategies and high expectations.

The month of March is marching on. And in a few days, will hand over the baton to Dear April. Now, I have a question! How far with those goals and dreams you wrote down on your vision board at the beginning of the year? You alone knows the answer. But take this as yet another reminder that even as we enjoy all those delicacies, all those fun times, the ice-creams and tantalizing cakes and sensational drinks… that we should never be drowned in those pleasures and forget that a lot is yet to be tackled, to be achieved.

So much ado about goals and visions! So much fuss about passions and dreams! So much excitement about our plans for life but no springboards yet to put things in the right perspectives.

And the year is moving forward bringing us new changes and challenges.

What happened to February, 2017? You very well know the answer! It’s gone into extinction. We already said goodbye to it! It’s gone to the archives and belong to history now. So whatever you couldn’t achieve yesterday should not cause you so much pain. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Stop holding on too tightly to the past!

Simply hold on to the new promises of TODAY.

Life has brought change our way again. Change is ever constant. There is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. There is always a new hope.

I bring you good news. No, I am yet to make those Billions of Dollars, but I am stealthily getting there, Amen! I’m still making conscious efforts to progress and be the better version of myself. But wait a minute! Please be silent! Listen carefully…! Wow! The Birds are beginning to sing again. And the Bees are buzzing their ways back.

A new season is springing up to caress us with its warm breeze.

Spring gives hope
Spring rejuvenates life
Spring renews and rebuild
Spring comes after winter
Spring brings warmth
Spring brings light
Spring is a new season
Spring will make life blossom again!

It’s time to rebuild our dreams and infuse new energy into them. It’s time to take our stories to the next level. Time to take up our narratives and give them a new meaning. Time to be aware of the possibilities in the impossibilities. Time to know that failure stings and is a risk worth taking in search of growth and success.

If you have tried before and failed, take a detour, embrace new ideas, choose between the various alternatives spread out there in the world. Don’t ever be discouraged because of the many crossroads and interjections on your path. Continue your journey until you see the first signs of success.

I pray that your life will spring up new pleasant surprises in the right places.

I wish the best for you.

Give hope a chance again, as you MARCH on to new possibilities.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.

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