The Daily Prompt – Control!

I know the implications of a bad lifestyle and unhealthy living. Therefore, the cliché – ‘prevention is better than cure’ rings a bell on my head often times.

Having this at the back of my mind means that I tread with caution where the consumption of foodies are concerned. No matter how delectable, no matter how delicious, no matter how appetizing any food appears, I am always mindful of the amount I consume to forestall any potential health risks.

There is a wide range of health hazards associated with food produce as well as food consumptions. I will not go into the scientific hazards of food production. My concern here and with this prompt, is simply to focus on eating healthy meals at the right time. To pay attention to my appetite for food and to control the urge as much as I could.

I am wary of any excess weight gains or health problems that will throw me off balance or into any unintended rigorous fitness exercises or medications. Apparently, it becomes very difficult to fight the consequences after the deed is done. And it becomes a better and safer option to embrace control and curb excessive food cravings.

To control our actions, I believe is a better approach to adopt, to prevent any range of potential health hazards. A better option to prevent any debilitating illness or possible diseases. These health implications erode one’s physical well-being; becomes a life changer as it takes extensive toll on one’s body, finances and general well-being.

So with the growing awareness of potential risks associated with unhealthy living and bad eating habits, I try to control my urge and cravings for unnecessary intake of food and drinks with high amount of calories.

And on the flip side, I don’t like the idea of gaining too much weight. I don’t want to wake up and realise that I am unable to fit into my clothings, or wear my favourite jeans or dress.  I still want to be able to fit into them for a long time hence the need to take preventive measures.

PS:  This post does not emphasize that food alone is the cause of  illness or weight gain.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Control.

Peace and Love!

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14 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Control!

  1. Good post… Control is key, my method to keep control, is to eliminate most processed food from my diet. I try to eat food the way it is grown (some exceptions like bread) but mostly I eat food with nothing extra added.. No chemicals or colours etc.

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