Today’s Foodies!

*Plantain Pottage (Porridge)*

On the plate in the above picture is Plantain pottage, my today’s dinner.  I used the unripe plantain for this dish because I prefer it when I am not using yam.  This dish is mostly cooked with palm-oil (made from the palm nuts).

Other ingredients include crayfish, salt, hot chilli pepper, pumpkin leaves known as ugu leaves (spinach can be used instead) and scent leaves.  I added some prawns but this is optional depending on choice. 

foodies 7
*Home-made spring rolls*

Just incase you don’t know anything about the first dish, perhaps these vegetable spring rolls will fascinate you.  This was made earlier in the day as a snack.

I tell you, these tasted really nice and delicious. You will love it. 🙂

Enjoy the virtual views and tell me what you think.  Thank you. 🙂 🙂

Peace and Love!

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30 thoughts on “Today’s Foodies!

    1. Oh, you will love these foodies, Emmanuel. They tasted wow! Lol. 🙂 I guess you are familiar with the plantain pottage…!!! Btw. There seem to be a problem with your blog link, I couldn’t visit your page. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha! Now, this link works. I think you should try to correct the other one to allow easy visit to your blog. Thank you, kindly. Will try to look in to see what you’ve got. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a typical food from West Africa. You can also use Potatoes in place of yams or plantain. And yes, you can add beef or solely vegetables instead if you prefer vegan diet. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks. 🙂


      1. Thank you for giving me some more information…I am going to try to put it together. We like yams and I made something with plantain that you posted several months ago! Very good! I really enjoy reading your recipes!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re welcome! You must be adventurous with food to try that recipe out… 🙂 Thanks. I think it will be a good idea if I begin a feature where I post foodies from my culture anytime I cook them. Yams are a rarity here in Denmark so I fall back on plantain which is easier to find. I really appreciate your interest. Thanks so very much. e-Hugs to you. Xo


    1. Oh Dear, You are very right! It’s a dish cherished and loved by the people of Eastern Nigeria. I think almost all the tribes in Nigeria eat plantain, perhaps, with a slight difference how it’s cooked. I appreciate this comment and the fact that you have widely travelled in my country of birth. And that palm wine though, haha! Blessings to you too. 🙂


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