Dinner Is Served!

Yam is a staple food in Nigeria and can be eaten anytime of the day. I grew up to eat yam in different forms. Fried, cooked or boiled, roasted or even grilled. Yam serves both as breakfast and dinner in most homes in Nigeria and West Africa and can be eaten with different kinds of sauce. Continue reading “Dinner Is Served!”

English is Not So Easy…!!!

Let’s look at this scenario as a blogger. And a Writer.

You are scribbling down on a paper, smiling away and feeling good. As you pen down your thoughts, you suddenly started battling with a particular spelling. You write down the word but convinced yourself that it’s not the right spelling. No dictionary in sight, and your phone is far away. You kept guessing the right spelling and finally agree that you needed help. Help from the dictionary. Help from Mr. Google to ensure you got the word and meaning all very right. Continue reading “English is Not So Easy…!!!”

Photo of the Day!

What is the weather like in your part of the world today? A different weather in every clime, I suppose?

Sunny, Snowing, Moody? Whatever the case, I think there is beauty in these two weathers captured below.

snow photo 2
*The Weather Today in Denmark – May 9th 2017.

Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Good Morning Giggles!

What kind of people surround your life?

What kind of people do you spend time with?

What is the influence of these people in your life?

As humans we thrive in relationships and friendships. We are at our best when we have people who influence us with positivity. And with negative influence, we tend to do less than our expectations. Continue reading “Good Morning Giggles!”