Dinner Is Served!

Yam is a staple food in Nigeria and can be eaten anytime of the day. I grew up to eat yam in different forms. Fried, cooked or boiled, roasted or even grilled. Yam serves both as breakfast and dinner in most homes in Nigeria and West Africa and can be eaten with different kinds of sauce.




For dinner today, I ate my white cooked/boiled yam with vegetable sauce as you can see from the above photo. The vegetable is just the different ingredients in a normal tomato sauce. Β I have used spinach here instead of the Ugu leaves or what is known as pumpkin leaves, which is a common vegetable in Nigeria.

So spinach replaces Ugu leaves for me and it tastes just as good. I enjoy cooked yams mostly with vegetable sauce especially for it nutritional values. Vegetables are synonymous with health and I prefer it amongst the many other sauces that can be served with yams or plantains.

Do you know about yams? Have you eaten it before? Do you have any special way of eating yours and which sauce do you prefer it with?

Enjoy the view and have a virtual taste of this delicious meal. πŸ™‚

Peace and Love!

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30 thoughts on “Dinner Is Served!

  1. We eat more sweet potatoes than yams, usually baked like a regular potato with a little salt and butter. Most of my family prefers them with a sweet orange sauce but I find that too cloying. I like the idea of them boiled with spinach and intend to try that soon. Particularly since our oven is on the blink and “HE” doesn’t have time to research and fix. What is in your sauce dimple?

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    1. I love sweet potatoes and they are quite expensive here in Denmark. Back home in Nigeria, we alternate yams with sweet potatoes too and there is the choice of eating it fried, boiled or roasted. In my sauce on this post are spinach, tomatoes, salt, chilli, onions and pieces of Mackerel fish fried in vegetable oil. It tastes really nice. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh yes, the fish is just my choice for today. Next time, I could eat it with beef, chicken, even egg sauce. It all depends on taste and preference. Please try it, I think you will enjoy it. Xo

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    1. The orange yams are the sweet potatoes I believe. No, white yams are not sweet as the orange yams. White yams has their distinct taste and harder than the potatoes. The sauce add the needed taste and flavour.

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  2. Sure It can be eaten anytime. I ate mine for breakfast with egg and tomato sauce which I fried with palm oil instead of vegetable oil as most people would.
    After serving I could only eat just two pieces. Anyway that’s because I prefer my yam fried. Not really a fan of boiled or cooked yam.

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    1. I think it’s one staple food in West Africa and most people love yam dishes. I ate yam fried in palm-oil many years ago and it tastes quite delicious too. I never enjoy yam and egg sauce so I don’t bother with it. Roasted yam taste better with palm-oil. Do you have two blogs?


    1. Even here in Denmark, it’s not so easy to find yams so I eat more potatoes instead. But anytime I’m lucky to buy a tuber of yam, oh, la la, I relish the taste. πŸ™‚


  3. This looks wonderful! I enjoy baked sweet potatoes–sliced with a bit of butter, spinach leaves, sliced tomato, and sliced goat cheese–then bake a little more. It’s delicious! The recipe is on my blog if you’re interested. It’s really healthy, too! πŸ™‚


  4. Great plateful. I typically eat boiled yam with green bananas, dumplings and ackee and salt fish. Alternatively I might have it on the side of stews vegetable or meat, sometimes alongside steamed or fried fish. πŸ™‚

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      1. Hi! I have no idea, I wouldn’t think so but I could be wrong. Physically they’re quite different; green bananas are savoury and are smaller than plantain, just like regular bananas before they are ripe. When cooked green bananas look similar in colour to yam, they don’t look yellowy like plantain. πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s nice to know we are many that love these yam delicacies. I enjoy it in which ever form it’s prepared. πŸ™‚ Will surely take a peek at your blog. Many thanks for the likes and generous feedbacks. Thanks. Enjoy the day. πŸ™‚

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