English is Not So Easy…!!!

Let’s look at this scenario as a blogger. And a Writer.

You are scribbling down on a paper, smiling away and feeling good. As you pen down your thoughts, you suddenly started battling with a particular spelling. You write down the word but convinced yourself that it’s not the right spelling. No dictionary in sight, and your phone is far away. You kept guessing the right spelling and finally agree that you needed help. Help from the dictionary. Help from Mr. Google to ensure you got the word and meaning all very right.

I’ve experienced this many times. There are words and spellings that I can’t just keep to memory. I’d always have to spell check them to be sure. And these words are somehow complicated to deal with. Oh! Will I ever get those words right? Things that keep me up at night, haha! See some examples…

Recommend, commemorate, accommodate, millennium, reconnaissance, and renaissance. Recalcitrant, Expedite, Suffuse, Sodden, Circumspect, Spurious, Ingratiate, Coalesce, Bauble, Desiccate, Incorporeal, Abstruse, Magnanimity,

These words can be commonly misspelled hence the need to cross-check with the dictionaries or spell checkers. And these commonly misspelled words are aptly referred to as “spelling demons”.  Now you can appreciate the dictionaries and spell checkers that “deliver” us from the snare of these demons. Well, speaking for myself.

What would life be without these online spell checkers?

We live a life of luxury and ease now.  You don’t have to rack the brain too much again to find answers… Amazing, isn’t it?

Do you have words you struggle with too as you pen down your thoughts? Let’s hear your experiences!

Peace and Love!

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27 thoughts on “English is Not So Easy…!!!

  1. It happens, when I am writing on a paper and if I get stuck with spelling a certain word, I try hard to pull it on my own and if I am not able to I write what I know on paper and don’t want my flow of words to stop. After I am done, I go back to it and start fixing them .

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  2. This is so true! I have been helping a young lad with homework a couple of times a week, and he has only been in Australia for a couple of months (from SA) and he is really struggling with reading. Whose bright idea was it to put ‘ough’ on the end of so many different words with so many different pronunciations? Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You’re welcome! Reading and comprehending can be cumbersome especially with a new language. I struggled with Danish language too and even now, can’t completely say things flawlessly. It’s a problem many people encounter and English can be a problem when it is not a first language. I appreciate your comment. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. I think the main problem is because things are too easy… and no one really uses the amazing brain anymore! Just my 2p to the discussion.
    Try writing French and it’s lovely grammar.
    or what is worse Danish oh my word hahah

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    1. Lol @Danish… Oh, let’s not talk about Danish or I’d die again, haha! That is one difficult language I struggled with, infact, I still struggle with it. The internet world has been a great help albeit making humans somehow lazy. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you Julz. 🙂


  4. I write the way I speak and there is nothing easy about that. When I’m away from the computer and have to write a personal note; I often have to rack my brain for a far simpler word than the one that my normal speech would use; all because of spelling. It probably makes for clearer writing but it isn’t an accurate example of my speech. I must verify all the words you cited and as I get older and older and write less and less, I have to look up even far simpler words due to brain fade. What did I do before spell check? Wrote more misspelled drivel than now, I think. Good subject. ~~dru~~

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    1. Awesome and just a reality of life. I do understand your insights. Writing is not so easy as speaking sometimes, because while one can pronounce a word, spelling it correctly might be a problem. But thank God for the internet and the online spell checks and dictionaries. They ease off stress of racking the brain. I appreciate this feedback. Many thanks, Dru. 🙂


  5. English is a very confusing language with only one rule (including spelling ‘rules’) which does not have exceptions. As a teacher of English as a foreign language I used to tell my students that you cannot ‘learn’ vocabulary, including spelling; you just have to read a lot, preferably from an early age. A further confusion is that there is English and, so abundant on the internet, American English (often in fact English of several hundred years ago, eg ‘gotten’).

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    1. Aptly put. It takes time to master the art of spellings if one is not a native English speaker. And that confusion with both the American and British English is another struggle too… One can never get it all right. And reading does help alot as you stated. Thank you very much for this wonderful feedback. Deeply appreciated. 🙂

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  6. Imagine my nightmare, Stella: english is not my native language, but I want to share my thoughts to the world and don’t sound like some sort of uneducated chick. The worst is when people judge about your intelligence on how you write in english… ;(

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    1. Oh Dear, I understand you clearly. It’s a nightmare. Especially when you are interacting with the native speakers. Another thing about English is that you write according to your background and your geographical space. An American has a peculiar style, and so is the British, the African too… It’s crazy!

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      1. That’s very kind of you. I’d suggest you browse through my blog to see other interesting posts. I write on diverse issues. Looking forward to more interactions with you. Thanks.

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